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News on the changing face of Tottenham

header-love-tottenhamTwo articles have been recently published on the web on the Changing face of Tottenham.

The first is a rather upbeat (!) article published in the The Daily Telegraph, comparing what’s happening in the area to the gentrified area Shoreditch.

The second is a great article on the site Craft Beer London, focuses on the the success of setting up of specialist breweries in Tottenham.

It’s such a shame that very little attention is being focused on the increasing problems that Haringey Council have created and continuing to cause in the name of regeneration.


7SC isn’t dead!!

wardscorner.jpgI’m sorry for the lack of updates to Seven Sisters Community recently.

Since the local elections, a lot of things have happened, some good, others bad, more indifferent, and I have been at present unable to post here for personal reasons.

However, when these issues are being resolved, I’ll soon be back to blogging here very shortly. In the meantime, there are places such as Tottenham Life where you can discuss local issues online.

Blogging suspended

cropped-7smap.jpgAN ANNOUNCEMENT.

As I am a council candiate for the local elections on May 22nd (see the disclaimer on the top right of the blog), this means that blogging here will be suspended until either after the elections or until further notice. I hope to write again very shortly.

Bring back Banksy? No thanks!

banksymuralLike many people in Haringey, I had seen the mural drawn by Banksy on the wall of Poundland off Wood Green High Road (I wished I’d taken a picture of it). Naturally I was shocked at the news that it had been allegedly stolen, then found in the United States where it is due to go up for auction on Saturday. Predictably, the reaction over this from many from the media to the council has, in my view, gone way over the top.

Many local people were angry that one of the few good reasons to visit Wood Green had gone. Haringey Council tried to take it further by trying to notify some of the great and the good in the arts world, but Frederic Thut of Fine Art Auctions Miami, who will handle the sale, said in this interview for ITV news that the mural was ‘legally aquired’, not stolen.

Whatever our views about this, the fact is the mural is gone, and barring some legal challenge (the council shouldn’t even consider this course of action), it will be sold to a private collector.

Local people shouldn’t get too upset over this. We need to get ourselves more angrier at the fact that Haringey is on track to lose many more of its public services. Fresh cuts to local council amentities, plus reductions in police and health services, and the changes in the benefits system, should be getting the most of our attention at this time.

Welcome to “Seven Sisters Community”

Hello World. It’s been a long time coming!

Seven Sisters Community is a new hyperlocal blog which will cover Tottenham and some surrounding areas of north London.

Do you have something interesting to say about living and/or working in Tottenham today? What ideas do you think will improve the area? You can sign up  to the blog right now to post some content, and help aim to connect a deeply divided and unequal community. It’s currently in beta, so technically, it hasn’t been polished yet, but it’s getting there.

Thanks again, and here’s to the beginning.