News on the changing face of Tottenham

header-love-tottenhamTwo articles have been recently published on the web on the Changing face of Tottenham.

The first is a rather upbeat (!) article published in the The Daily Telegraph, comparing what’s happening in the area to the gentrified area Shoreditch.

The second is a great article on the site Craft Beer London, focuses on the the success of setting up of specialist breweries in Tottenham.

It’s such a shame that very little attention is being focused on the increasing problems that Haringey Council have created and continuing to cause in the name of regeneration.


One thought on “News on the changing face of Tottenham

  1. Pam I

    I’m so looking forward to the days when the restored Wards Corner will be included in these look-we-dared-to-go-to Tottenham-and -came-out-alive travel pieces, along with Council favourites Craven Coffee and Chicken Town.

    Actually as you come out of the north side of 7Sisters tube, what greets you is the Beauty Shop, whose customers come from miles around to buy the BAME hair and beauty products not found in the well-to-do supermarket (Tesco, really?). And just behind you is of course the Indoor Market, which is a major visitor spot for London’s million-strong Iberian community. Of course the Telegraph writer didn’t see these, they are invisible to those commissioned by Spurs for a puff piece as they scurry past. As all the illustrations are from library pictures, did the author even need to visit, StreetView would have done for the stroll up the High Road without risking life and limb, and a call to Haringey’s Regeneration Manager would get those handy links to the acceptable new entrepreneurs’ websites.

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